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6th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

French Funeral Home held their 6th annual Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday, April 12, 2014 in the field north of Lawson Miller Chapel. There were over 3000 candy filled eggs and a grand prize for each age group. The grand prize winner for ages 0-4 years old was Kohlson Long. Kohlson is 2 years old and is the son of Michelle and Bobby Long. Kohlson won a Little Tikes Sandy Lagoon Water Table. The grand prize winner for ages 5-8 was Ava Goins. Ava is 6 years old and is the daughter of Kevin and Christina Goins. Ava won a Razor Power Scooter. The grand prize winner for ages 9-12 was Chloe Clark. Chloe is the daughter of Alan and Valerie Clark. Chloe won a DVD player and 3 DVDS

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Suppose you are a Harley Davidson fan and you come in for prepayment. You decide that you want to be cremated, but you do want your family and friends to be able to see you again. You do have your own personal beliefs about God and Heaven. You love to ride your Harley every chance you get. You don't want a lot of "fuss" made about you when you're gone.

We have suggestions

We have a Rental Casket that works well for cremation. The outside is hardwood; the interior goes to the crematory with the body. A Harley Blanket or flag could be draped over the foot of the casket if you don't want flowers. If flowers are desired, I would do them in reds; some white, with silver ribbon to accent. If you have some favorite Harley clothes, why not be dressed in them? If we have your permission, we would be glad to park your Harley under our lighted portico during visitation.

Visitation could be in the evening with the services at the end of the evening so that people could come following work. The memorial folders might be printed with a favorite picture of you and your Harley. The inside message could be something from your family. If you choose, we could display special photos of family and friends and good times had over the years.

As for the service itself, music that would be meaningful to your family and friends could be played on the piano or CD's could be used. You can recommend the minister with whom you have a relationship, or if you would prefer, we could suggest one that is a good listener, and would encourage any of your friends to tell a story or share a memory.

We're here to help

We can offer advice on where to inter your cremains. Some people choose a cemetery so that there is one place they are memorialized, perhaps with a unique stone. Others choose to have their ashes given to their family to spread or keep. The options are endless.

Thank you so much for making a very sad and stressful situation much less painful. We appreciated your attention to detail and thoughtfulness. The service and everything about it was perfect. Thank you again -Cindy and Aaron
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