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Celebrating Life

Faith, Caring & Compassion

Even the smallest touch can make a big difference in personalizing your funeral services. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to celebrating your loved one and honoring their life, accomplishments, and individuality.

We believe that special touches are many times the positive focus of a memorial service or funeral. Afterall, we are gathered to remember and reflect on the person's life, and each one of us has a unique focus to our lives. Whether it may be golfing, fishing, reading, volunteerism, gardening, or whatever. I feel it is our responsibility to find out the main focus and build from that what is important for this particular family.


Honor What Makes Them Unique
Personalization isn’t just about honoring your loved one’s individuality. It also allows family and friends to feel connected to the services and the life being honored. A memorable and meaningful service can be an important part of the healing process for those who are coping with a loss. We work closely with you to get to know your loved one’s life story and brainstorm ways to represent your bond and pay tribute to their unique journey.


/LindstromFuneralHomes/TributeVideos.pngLife Tribute Videos
We’ll create a one-of-a-kind video tribute to your loved one by combining family photographs with cinematic introductions, music of your choice, and professional effects to share your loved one’s special journey during the service and provide your family and friends with a meaningful keepsake after the ceremony is over.


/LindstromFuneralHomes/Printing.pngPersonalized Printing
From the register book and memorial folders to prayer cards and thank-you notes, our high-quality stationery sets are available in many themes to honor your loved one’s hobbies, style, and unique life path. Let us help you explore the options and choose the perfect design to create treasured keepsakes for you and your guests.


Celebration Wall
/LindstromFuneralHomes/CelebrationWall.pngMemorial sites not only allow you to share stories, photos, and videos of your loved one; they also allow you to connect with family and friends. When visiting the Celebration Wall, guests can leave text comments to share condolences, offer words of support and sympathy through video or audio messages, or leave a meaningful symbol when words just aren’t enough. Guests can also view the obituary and service information, and order gifts and flowers directly through the site. This page serves as a permanent virtual tribute to your loved one, and a place you can return whenever you’d like to revisit memories and reconnect with messages of support and love.


Another touch that I believe to be so special is a pillow that I have made for the family. This pillow is shown to the family during the hour prior to services. The colors of material are coordinated with the clothes of the deceased, the casket color and the flowers. The size is approximately 12" square.

On this pillow are many of the special and unique things the family has shared with me about their loved one. Again, each one is totally one of a kind. Some examples from my own life, a pillow for my dad would be; (the material would be blue, because he has the bluest eyes ever,) he was a hod carrier, so a wheel barrow, bricks, bucket would be included, he loves to look for morel mushrooms, he had at one time, up to 60 goats, (don't ask me why!) but a "billy goat" would be on it, and his children's names would be embroidered, Debbie, Susie, Tommy and Billy, and the name of Martha would be there, she is my step mom, who we are eternally grateful for taking care of him!

Another example would be my little aunt, who collected tea cups from her travels, she was a devoted Christian, loved to make blackberry jelly, so her pillow would be a very feminine fabric, dainty tea cups and saucers in pastel shades, a canning jar with blackberries next to it, a Christian Cross, and the name "Aunt Teenie" (that is a term of endearment for her.) Again the possibilities are endless.